Quality ensures sustainability

April 20, 2022 / in News / by Nelleke Eijsenga

We all read the reports about the labor market tightness. The work is there for the taking, but the people are scarce. This is also the case in our field. There is literally enough work to do, it appears after a call along our network. Self-employed people are flooded with questions about their availability and often have to say no. Many organizations are looking for colleagues and / or have work that is lying around and piling up.

Those who know us a little know that Lex Digitalis, from a passion for privacy and the desire to help organizations move forward, would prefer to assist all organizations with privacy issues. We notice that this is a common factor with other privacy professionals. The large amount of work can have the negative effect that quality is compromised due to a lack of time. The lack of time can cause the spirit of the work to diminish. So how do you make sure that you don’t drown in work and start rushing things?
Delivering quality is one of Lex Digitalis’ spearheads. In fact, it is a core value. This blog therefore gives a small insight into our working method, which enables us to guarantee quality.

As my grandmother used to say: ‘A good preparation is half the work’. For me this is a memorable saying, which we also frequently apply at Lex Digitalis. Prior to the assignment, we make an inventory together with the client in order to make a good estimate of the assignment. Very briefly, this looks at:
– What is the request for help?
– What is the intended result?
– How are we going to achieve this together?
Clear expectation management in advance results in a tight plan of approach to jointly achieve the intended result. This prevents miscommunication and also ensures that a client clearly knows what he can and may expect.

After this stock-taking, we can estimate whether the assignment sufficiently matches our in-house knowledge and skills. Perhaps you find out during the discussion with the client that the assignment is not sufficiently in line with our expertise, which means we cannot deliver the quality we want to. Perhaps we lack the time or the required competencies for this assignment. In that case, we may return the assignment; to us a sign of quality.

If the assignment does match, then we will make clear agreements, so that we can assess together whether we are still on the right track or whether we need to make adjustments. These moments of evaluation during the realization of the assignment are therefore a matter of course for us; sitting around the table with the client and the professional in the field to evaluate whether everything is still going according to plan. In this way we actively monitor together whether what was agreed upon at the front is still going as planned. This ensures a well-coordinated and effective working method. Clear expectations on both sides ensure that we can guarantee the quality together.
And, as in many situations, you may gradually identify points for improvement or perhaps the need for help may change. This is also a good time to consult with each other and once again adjust the framework. After all, if you pick up one thing, another from the original plan of action will remain unaddressed, which will affect the agreed end result.

Or asking for help if you can’t figure it out. We have a diverse team with an enormous amount of knowledge, skills and experience, each with their own qualities. It is therefore very nice to be able to fall back on this and to switch with colleagues; something we regularly do with the people who work through us. Why reinvent the wheel yourself, when a mutual sparring match can help you enormously? We are happy to do it!

Quality and sustainability go hand in hand at Lex Digitalis. Good preparation and clear expectation management, results in a good relationship with the organization that is eager for a quality solution. It also means you are the boss of your own time and can be engaged in a healthy way with your passion for privacy.

Are you curious about our working method and/or what this way of working can mean for you or your organization? Please contact me by phone (06-55807795) or by e-mail (nelleke.eijsenga@lexdigitalis.nl).