In the spotlight!

June 8th 2022 / in News / Elly van Viegen

Feeling of pride and gratitude…. On Thursday, June 23rd, we celebrated the great cooperation and the successes achieved with almost the entire team of Lex Digitalis. A party that was mainly meant to put everyone in the spotlight and thank them for everyone’s contribution in the growth of Lex Digitalis!

In our still relatively young existence (Paul laid the foundation in 2018, Nelleke and I joined in September 2020) we have grown into an agency with beautiful appealing clients, challenging assignments and a name that buzzes within privacy. Meanwhile, we have expanded to 8 people and have a solid team of privacy professionals on ZZP-basis. Together we realize beautiful and often strategic assignments for our clients. It is nice to see that we have achieved this by doing it our own personal way. We take the time and attention for our clients, strive for a high level of quality and aim for sustainable relationships for the long term. Of course not only all credits to ourselves, but also many thanks and compliments to all the people we work with, both our own team and the ZZP’ers. And that was exactly the intention for this party! What a beautiful party it was! The weather was beautiful, everyone was literally and figuratively put in the spotlight! The boat trip was fun and with interesting facts about our own city The Hague. We enjoyed a delicious culinary 4-course dinner at Restaurant Capriole on the terrace, where we sat outside until closing. It was nice to see the mutual connection in the shared passion and enthusiasm for privacy.

This positive experience was mutual, given the reactions we received after this day:
“Great event: beautiful weather, interesting company, nice boattrip and delicious food.”

“Our captain Iglo from The Hague told surprising and interesting stories about the places we passed. The food was delicious, good company and a big kudos to Lex Digitalis for celebrating their success in this way!”

“Lex Digitalis has brought together a great team of professionals who get to do the very best jobs, it’s an honor to be a part of it!”

“As a freelancer at Lex Digitalis, you are never alone!”

Still enjoying this beautiful day and these beautiful words, I am now going to enjoy a few weeks in Italy. I wish you a beautiful summer and for those who have vacation plans, enjoy them and make beautiful memories together.