Privacy Officer

Do you want to be a part of one of the most successful Dutch companies?

Our world is becoming more digitally oriented every day: smartphones are getting more powerful, laptops are getting faster and household appliances are becoming more ingenious. ASML plays a huge part in global digital development: this leading Dutch semi-conductor develops technology that makes it possible to produce ever more powerful chips and supplies these machines to major chipmakers all over the world.

ASML has high quality standards not just in their deliverables, but also in the cooperation with both internal and external business partners. When cooperating with their partners, ASML needs data protection and privacy to be of the highest standards. The ASML Privacy Office acts as a focal point for all privacy and personal data protection matters within the company, to ensure all standards are met.

ASML is now looking for a Privacy Officer to join their Privacy Office.

The Privacy Office supports ASML in its Privacy Compliance Journey with specific regard to Customers, External Parties and Other Business Persons related Data matters, monitoring the implementation of the ASML privacy strategy, ASML privacy programs and ASML privacy control framework within the relevant areas. The Privacy Office is part of the ASML Privacy Practice, based on a dual-layers organization, composed by the Privacy Office itself and by the Privacy Network.

Role and responsibilities

Over the past few years, the Privacy Office has achieved a certain level of maturity and has put privacy and data protection on ASML’s agenda.  The challenge now is to bring the maturity level to an even higher standard. This is one of the main goals you will be working on, together with a team of 13 other privacy professionals.
The Privacy Office has been implementing a framework to keep quality on a high level, which facilitates Privacy Compliance with regard to Customers, External Parties and Other Business People related Data (i.e. business partners, suppliers, external collaborators, journalists, institutional persons). Besides monitoring this framework, the main goal for this year is to become a professional Business Partner to the ASML departments, countries and regions involved in the processing of Customer, External Parties and Other Business People related Data.

Further responsibilities:
- Handling and supporting the execution of the Data Privacy Impact Assessments, as well as general privacy questions and inquiries with regard to the initiatives involving the processing of Customers, External Parties and Other Business Persons related Data;
- Identifying Privacy risks, related to the processing of ASML Customers, External Parties and Other Business People related Data, advising the relevant Department in the treatment of such risks and supporting the implementation of specific countermeasures / Privacy Actions Plan;
- Owning the maintenance of Privacy Notices related to Customers, External Parties and Other Business People related Data;
- Advising and supporting with regard to the implementation of ASML contents, processes and way of workings related to Customers, External Parties and Other Business People related Data (e.g. websites, mobile apps, external communication activities, marketing activities, digital capabilities).

- The ASML regions (i.e. ASIA, US, EU) in their Privacy Compliance Journey;
- Privacy Champions on Privacy and Data Protection matters;
- ASML in handling Personal Data Breaches & DSARs, in coordination and backing up the responsible in executing such process (i.e. Privacy Analyst).

Who are you?

To succeed in this role, you’ll need to have a strong business orientation and flexibility. We are looking for an experienced privacy professional with international corporate experience and a creative and innovative approach. You know your way around a big company. It is not necessary to be a qualified lawyer, but legal experience and a genuine interest in Privacy and Data Protection laws and regulations, Labor- and HR-related laws are essential in this role.

You work closely with the other 13 privacy professionals in the team on a daily basis. Team spirit and the fun factor are essential: together you face tough challenges and celebrate successes. Given the different (international) backgrounds and years of work experience, you learn from each other every day. Together with the team you ensure that ASML acts on the highest level when it comes to privacy.

Other important skills for this role are:
- Excellent written/verbal communication and presentation skills.
- Fluency in English and preferably one other language
- Team-spirit, collaboration skills and the ability to connect people and gain trust
- Autonomy and the ability to organize and prioritize a high workload
- Quality and risk-management orientation.

A rewarding place to work

Although ASML is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands, ASML still has the vibe and breathes the young enthusiasm of a start-up. Every day, ASML strives for the highest achievable standards in all areas. An employer where quality, personal development and specialization go hand in hand. These same high standards are reflected in the terms of employment.


Would you like to work for a leading semi-conductor in making chips? In an international environment where innovation and quality go hand in hand? An organization that strives for high standards, also when it comes to privacy? An organization in which you can act and have responsibilities on strategic, tactical and operational level? We look forward to hearing from you and meeting in person!
For more information or to express your interest, please contact Elly van Viegen or Nelleke Eijsenga: / 06-24897798 / 06-55807795