Data Awareness: The Essential of Data Security

25 januari 2023 / in Nieuws / door Dogan Varlioglu

A positive data attitude is one of the skills needed to manage data effectively and be prepared for the digital future. Within organizations there is more and more data. Some organizations even become  completely data-driven. For the boards of many companies and organizations, the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a wake-up call. Boards noticed that they had insufficient control over the personal data of their customers, staff and other people. As a result, when the GDPR came into effect, several companies and organizations were unable to demonstrate that they comply, as required by law. It is an example of the problems many organizations have with controlling their datasets. In other cases, attention to handling data often arises when data encompasses everything we collect and store, both at work and in our daily lives.

A data point of view

Knowing the data is relevant to the subject of your analysis is an essential requirement for data awareness. Being able to recognize data opportunities or risks and translate them into actions is necessary for an organization to become more data aware. Therefore, you need an organization that approaches projects from a data perspective and small number of data specialist who can put that perspective into action. To be successful in increasing data awareness, it is crucial to include employees in a process of awareness about the importance of good data. The subject must come to life and employees must see the added value and stimulate each other to get started with quality improvement

Advice on starting with data awareness

  • The focus is clearly on the employees’ skills when working in a data-driven environment. Responsible and involved employees must and want to know what is expected from them, what do they need to know about, when is a specific action expected from them and how is it determined what is good or not.
  • Analyze the organizations current attitudes, knowledge and support for data. Find the answer of the questions such as what role does data play in the organizations current work or can the organization estimate the impact of data-driven working on processes, services and resources.
  • Understand the objectives of data awareness for the various target groups.
  • Set up an awareness campaign. A campaign which is an internal marketing effort that addresses and motivates people while also including a substantial component to educate and inform. Data awareness can be created through attractive communication, interactive e-learning modules and on the job assignments.

Any Questions?
The implementation of data-driven working requires a lot from your people and resources. Therefore, start on time and be transparent about the activities. Lex Digitalis is a full-service agency in the field of privacy, data and cyber security. Lex Digitalis is a specialist in, among other things, data awareness and can advise on the methods to get started with this. Lex Digitalis can also advise and assist you in the field of privacy and data protection. You can contact me
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